Womens Health & Holistic Well-Being Courses



I warmly welcome you to women's health & holistic well being courses  and one to one coaching with me Lindsay wild.

Holistic life coach, therapist, teacher and mentor.

I help women figure out what they really want from life, to support and empower them to relax, feel calm and take control of their lives.

I am passionate about helping  women feel happier, passionate, focused, confident, healthier, fitter and sexier.

Together we can create an action plan where changes can be made with long term and short term achievable goals for your new transformation journey.

I love helping women re identify who they are, to feel emotionally balanced and stronger, discover how to eat a healthier balanced nutritious diet, to  have an achievable and  enjoyable exercise plan to move their body into fitness with energy and learn all the tools to achieve personal growth & development, confidence, personal power and holistic wisdom.

Does any of this sound like your story....

Life gets incredibly busy, we are working hard,  looking after our children and families, keeping our homes nice, there seems little time left in the day for us, to meet friends never mind having a hobby. 

Feeling tired and drained just feels normal as does stress, anxiety and tension, we resign our selves to this is normal and hope one day it will get easier. 

But maybe there is a little voice in your head that is saying ' I want more than this' ! I want to feel happier with my life, have fun with my children instead of arguing and falling out, I want to have time with my partner /husband to have fun, feel loved, attractive and yes sexy ! I want my sparkle back, meet up with friends and make new friends, have new experiences with a new job or lifestyle that brings me love, happiness, joy and fulfilment.

 If it does then you are in the right place...

I want to work with women that are ready to experience a new chapter within their life story and are looking for a change, to grow and develop holistically with love and kindness for themselves, ready to enjoy the process of transformation. 

My holistic wisdom coaching programme for women's health & holistic wellbeing values empowering and helping women to create a life they love with confidence, belief and passion.

I would love to help you write your new story, everyone has a story, your parents, friends, partner but this is your time to write your own story now ! 

I offer one to one personal holistic life coaching and courses to teach and mentor you in women's health and holistic wellbeing.

This so exciting ... get in touch and let's begin your journey.

What our customers are saying

Thank you Lindsay, for bearing with me, you have such a lovely way with words, gently calming and supporting, and with out pressure.

It's a real gift that you have.

S x

Please contact me for more information, I would love to help.

07748 376 385